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About Next Vantage

We treat each client relationship as a lifelong partnership.

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Enabling our clients to enhance and fortify their competitive advantages is what we focus on daily. To this end, our solutions are designed to create next level competitive advantages in the marketplace. Our team of experts have over thirty years of combined experience in actuarial reporting, investment and risk management consulting. By outsourcing these functions to Next Vantage you allow your team to focus more on business growth and client service. This then allows you to stick to what you do best! 

Why Next Vantage?

The answer lies in how the business is structured.  In order to provide a more valued service offering, we have partnered with a diverse resource base of  professionals with global experience. Our ecosystem includes actuaries, accountants, IT specialists, legal experts and  investment consultants; who deliver tailored solutions to our clients.

Our services

We have a range of tailored solutions and capabilities to strengthen, unlock value, and de-risk business for our clients in the Insurance and financial services sector.

Actuarial Consulting
Commercial Risk Solutions
Investment Solutions
Actuarial Consulting

We perform the  actuarial function for your company as defined by the regulator. 

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Commercial Risk Solutions

We help clients identify, measure and manage their risk exposure. 

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Investment Solutions

We offer bespoke investment consulting services for institutional investors.

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Learn how we can create value for your business

Our process

Driven by a desire of excellence and perfection, we have designed a value driven framework. We are committed to offering a customized service for our clients.

To this end, we make sure we understand our clients needs and wants. In so doing, we can prescribe tailored solutions that address our client needs. 

1. Initial & on-going discovery

We take time to understand your unique business goals, challenges, and areas that need attention.

2. Planning & foundation building

Once we begin learning where you are, where you’d like to be, we’ll begin assembling all of that input into a plan for you. 

3. Execution

Once the analysis and development of the plan is complete, we outline the recommended courses of action. This can involve implementing a new strategy, income and expenditure adjustments amongst other options. 

4. Progress tracking

The work we do involves dynamic on-going process that require continuous monitoring. We strive to make ourselves available whenever needed. After all our desire is to build lifelong partnerships